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Mitsubishi Ductless FAQ

Mitsubishi Ductless Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the main components of the Mitsubishi ductless indoor and outdoor units?

Diagram of all Mitsubishi indoor evaporator unit components
Diagram of all Mitsubishi outdoor condenser unit components

* The indoor and outdoor units may not be exactly as shown.

What are the main functions of the Mitsubishi remote control buttons?

Diagram of all Mitsubishi wireless remote controller components

What is Econo Cool operation on Mitsubishi ductless systems?

Econo Cool is an excellent energy saver for maintaining the desired indoor temperature once it has already been established. The indoor unit increases the desired temperature by 4°F (2.2°C) but constantly changes the indoor air flow speed. By adjusting the air flow speeds, one feels cooler than one would feel if the air flow speed was constant.

What is Powerful Mode operation on Mitsubishi ductless systems?

Powerful mode operation allows rapid cooling or heating to the desired indoor temperature. The internal setting temperatures will shift for 20 minutes to achieve the desired temperature quickly. After 15 minutes, powerful mode settings will revert to the previous settings. The indoor fan speed increases to “powerful-high” mode which is a faster speed than regular high mode.

When can the AUTO START/STOP timer be used?

The AUTO START/STOP timer is convenient for starting or stopping the unit whenever desired. Such as half hour before one comes home from work, before one goes to bed, etc. The AUTO START/STOP timer works only up to 24-hours in advance and the correct time must be set on the remote control in order to work correctly.

What if the main household power is turned off, such as during a black-out?

The operating mode, the set temperature and the fan speed are memorized by the indoor unit’s AUTO RESTART FUNCTION. The unit will restart immediately once power is restored to the unit. However if the AUTO START/STOP timer is active before the power failure, than the timer is cancelled once power is restored. If the unit is OFF before the power failure, than the unit will remain off once power is restored.

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