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AIC Vertical Heat Exchanger

ductless.ca Inc. is pleased to sell and install state-of-the-art NTI gas boilers and combi boilers in Toronto and Georgian Bay. NTI boilers are developed using cutting edge computer assisted design, in accordance with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) guidelines and ASME industry Codes. Acknowledged as a leader in research and product development, NTI is headquartered out of Saint John, New Brunswick and is a pioneer in developing the most advanced and efficient home heating equipment. With NTI, you’re buying a quality Canadian product.

We are pleased to offer NTI’s full range of residential and commercial heating products.

Residential Condensing Boilers Offered

FTVN Series

TRX Series

TFT Series

Lx Series

Vmax Series

FTV Series

Tx Series

NTI FTVN Series Boilers

NEW FOR 2020! The NTI FTVN Series condensing gas boilers are the next evolution of the fire tube boilers. Equipped with down-fired vertical tube heat exchanger for maximum efficiency. Available in both space heating and combi for domestic hot water production. Rated inputs from 8,500 to 199,000 Btu/h (2.5 to 58.3 kW).

Features at a glance:

  • Featuring an AIC® vertical down-fired stainless steel tube heat exchanger,
  • Up to a 10:1 turn-down modulation radio,
  • Up to 96% AFUE,
  • NTI NET Wi-Fi onboard for 24/7 remote monitoring and control,
  • Integrated ECM pump and DHW 3-way diverter valve for easy in-direct hot water tank integration,
  • Easy service access,
  • Cascade up to 8 boilers,
  • Quiet sealed cabinet design,
  • Warranty:
    Heat Exchanger: 15 Years
    Parts: 5 Years
    Labour: 2 Years

External Link: NTI FTVN Series Boilers

NTI FTVN Boiler Inside View
NTI FTVN Boiler Inside View
Rated CSA Input (Min to Max)8.5 to 85 MBH11 to 110 MBH15 to 150 MBH19.9 to 199 MBH11 to 110 MBH15 to 150 MBH19.9 to 199 MBH
DOE Heating Capacity79 MBH101 MBH138 MBH184 MBH101 MBH138 MBH184 MBH
Net AHRI Rating69 MBH88 MBH120 MBH160 MBH88 MBH120 MBH160 MBH
Max DHW OutputN/A1022 l/h (4.5 GPM)1,385 l/h (6.1 GPM)1862 l/h (8.2 GPM)
ENERGY STAR® Qualified UnitYes
FuelNatural Gas, Liquid Propane Gas

NTI TRX Series Boilers

The NTI TRX Series boilers are equipped with an innovative XTRATECH stainless steel heat exchanger. This wall-hung boiler is highly efficient, includes built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with native NTI remote connectivity support for easy service. The TRX series are available in both heat-only and combi versions.

Features at a glance:

  •  XTRATECH stainless steel large tube heat exchanger,
  • Up to a 11:1 turn-down ratio,
  • Up to 96% AFUE,
  • Onboard Wi-Fi for easy service,
  • Integrated ECM pump and DHW diverter valves,
  • Compatible with indirect hot water tanks with either a tank thermostat or sensor,
  • Cascade up to 8 boilers,
  • Quiet sealed cabinet design,
  • Optional 4-20mA or 0-10V input for remote operation,
  • Warranty:
    Heat Exchange: 15 Years
    Parts: 5 Years
    Labour: 2 Years
External Link: NTI TRX Series Boilers
Xtratech Heat Exchanger
Xtratech Heat Exchanger
NTI TRX Boiler Front Cover Open
Easy Service with the TRX Boiler
Rated CSA Input (Min to Max)9.4 to 85 MBH13.2 to 120 MBH15 to 150 MBH19.7 to 197 MBH11.2 to 114 MBH13.2 to 150 MBH19.7 to 197 MBH
DOE Heating Capacity79 MBH111 MBH139 MBH184 MBH98 MBH111 MBH184 MBH
Net AHRI Rating69 MBH97 MBH121 MBH160 MBH85 MBH97 MBH160 MBH
Max DHW OutputN/A613 l/h (2.7 GPM)795 l/h (3.5 GPM)1090 l/h (4.8 GPM)
ENERGY STAR® Qualified UnitYes
FuelNatural Gas, Liquid Propane Gas

NTI TFT Series Boilers

The NTI Trinity Fire Tube is NTI’s latest high efficiency condensing boiler or combi boiler. With up to a 95.0% AFUE efficiency rating, stainless steel design, nine models from 60,000 to 399,000 Btu/h (17.6 to 116.9 kW), multiple venting options (2″ venting and up to 150′ runs) and a user-friendly ifLEX touchscreen interface, the Fire Tube offers the ultimate combination of efficiency, quality, flexibility and innovation.

Features at a glance:

  • Down-fired Fire Tube (Tft): The Tft heat exchanger is ASME certified and uses an innovative down-fire combustor. The combustion tubes also have a dimpled design to optimize heat transfer and increases energy efficiency. The Fire Tube provide generous space for flue gas to pass and significantly reduce the need for cleaning due to the vertical configuration and self-cleaning operation when in condensation mode.
  • Stainless steel design: The wet leg combustion chamber enables up to 99% combustion efficiency. The ASME certified heat exchanger is constructed using type 439 stainless steel, making it extremely resistant to corrosion. The Fire Tube design allows water to flow freely around the heating surfaces of the boiler, which significantly reduces pressure drop.
  • Efficiencies and Performance: The Tft provides AFUE efficiencies up to 95.0%. NTI was first to develop the totally sealed combustion system, whereby air is not drawn from the surrounding cabinet space.
  • Flexibility: The design of the Tft offers more flexibility than any other boiler on the market, with vent runs up to 150′ (45 m), five vent termination options, 2″ venting on some models with plumbing and gas connections on top or bottom of the unit.
  • ifLEX Touchscreen: The optional 5.7″ colour touchscreen provides easy programming, control and quick setup with user-friendly screen displays and options.
  • ifLEX Interface: Provides easy navigation to all of the controllers parameters and set points. The backlit screen continuously displays system information to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Additional Features:

  • Certified internal low water cut-off with test button.
  • Fully-modulating combustion system with up to 5:1 turndown.
  • Condensate pump receptacle.
  • Wall-mount configuration with optional floor stand.
  • High-energy spark ignition (with external spark generator).
  • 15 year heat exchanger limited warranty.

Controller Features:

  • Ultimate controllability with advanced Sola Controller.
  • Detailed troubleshooting information (self-diagnostic display).
  • Internal “Lead-Lag” capability to connect up to 8 boilers simultaneously.
  • Outdoor reset temperature operation increases boiler and system efficiency.
  • Ability to control three separate temperature set points.
  • Comes standard with Modbus capability.
  • Domestic hot water and central heat modulation limiting.
  • Ability to control three separate pump loops.
  • 4-20 mA heat input for set point or modulation control.
  • Freeze protection parameters.
  • Warm weather shutdown.
  • Contacts for external limits and alarms.
  • Compatible with domestic hot water tank sensor.

External Link: NTI TFT Series Boilers

NTI Firetube Heat Exchanger
NTI Fire Tube Heat Exchanger
NTI iFLEX Controller
NTI iFLEX Touch Screen
Model TFT60 TFT85 TFT110 TFT154 TFT201 TFT285 TFT340 TFT399
Rated CSA Input (Min to Max) 17 to 60 MBH 17 to 85 MBH 21.6 to 108 MBH 15.4 to 154 MBH 20 to 200 MBH 28.5 to 285 MBH 39.9 to 340 MBH 39.9 to 399 MBH
DOE Heating Capacity 56 MBH 78 MBH 99 MBH 141 MBH 185 MBH 263 MBH 324 MBH 380 MBH
Net AHRI Rating 48 MBH 68 MBH 86 MBH 122 MBH 160 MBH 228 MBH 282 MBH 330 MBH
AFUE 95% 95.5% (thermal eff.)
ENERGY STAR® Qualified Unit Yes No
Fuel Natural Gas, Liquid Propane Gas

NTI Lx Series Boilers

The NTI Trinity Lx series provide luxury features and quality with superior efficiencies. Available as either boilers or hot water heaters. With nine sizes to choose from 150,000 to 800,000 Btu/h (44.0 to 234.5 kW) the NTI Trinity Lx series boilers will provide for all of your larger requirements.

Features at a glance:

  • Colour 5.7″ touchscreen display with advanced but easy to use menus.
  • Patented 316L stainless heat exchanger with efficiencies of up to 98% steady state and 93.7% AFUE.
  • Industry leading modulation rates.
  • High-quality construction with clear coat finish.
  • Both vents conveniently located on top of cabinet.
  • Alarm contacts.
  • Innovative floor or wall-mount configuration provides exceptional access to all components.
  • Factory-installed condensate trap with no moving parts.
  • Spark ignition with dual electrodes using a high-output transformer for successful ignitions every time.
  • Removable door and hinged display panel for ultimate access and serviceability.
  • No clearance required on the back, bottom or right side.
  • Three configuration pump outputs.
  • When used as a instantaneous water heater the Trinity Lx provides a tremendous amount of endless hot water with one of the best recovery rates in the industry (additional equipment is required such as a storage tank, aquastat, bronze pump and flow switch).
NTI Lx Series Boiler with Open Cover
NTI Lx Series Boilers Inside View
Model LX150 LX200 LX300 LX400 LX500 LX600 LX800
Rated CSA Input (Min to Max) 25 to 150 MBH 25 to 199 MBH 55 to 275 MBH 75 to 399 MBH 100 to 500 MBH 120 to 600 MBH 160 to 800 MBH
DOE Heating Capacity 136 MBH 181 MBH 251 MBH 375 MBH 470 MBH 564 MBH 752 MBH
Net AHRI Rating 118 MBH 157 MBH 218 MBH 326 MBH 409 MBH 490 MBH 654 MBH
AFUE 93.5% 93.7% 94%
ENERGY STAR® Qualified Unit Yes No
Fuel Natural Gas, Liquid Propane Gas

NTI Vmax Series Boilers

The NTI Vmax Series boilers offer vertical fire tube heat exchangers, an integrated primary loop pump and dedicated indirect hot water tank connections. Available in Vmax (space-heating) and Vmax Plus (space-heating and DHW) versions. If you’re looking for a boiler with easy installation, service and maintenance, the Vmax series is for you. Many venting configurations and options are available along with an easy to use interface.

Features at a glance:

  • Down-firing stainless steel heat exchanger,
  • The Vmax Plus series includes a built-in 16 gallon indirect water heater,
  • Up to 10:1 turn down ratio,
  • Easy programmable display,
  • Built-in primary loop pump with circulator,
  • Dedicated connections for an indirect DHW hot water tank,
  • 120 VAC outlet for condensate pump,
  • Cascade up to 16 Vmax boilers,
  • Easy service,
  • Warranty:
    Heat Exchanger: Lifetime
    Parts: 5 Years
    Labour: 2 Years

External Link: NTI Vmax Series

NTI Vmax Series Boiler with front cover open
NTI Vmax Boiler Inside View
Rated CSA Input (Min to Max)13.8 to 110 MBH15.4 to 154 MBH13.8 to 110 MBH15.4 to 154 MBH
DOE Heating Capacity101 MBH141 MBH101 MBH141 MBH
Net AHRI Rating88 MBH122 MBH88 MBH122 MBH
Max DHW OutputN/A590 l/h (2.6 GPM)817 l/h (3.6 GPM)
ENERGY STAR® Qualified UnitYes
FuelNatural Gas, Liquid Propane Gas

NTI FTV Series Boilers

The NTI FTV Series is a reliable and affordable wall-hung boiler with a down-fired stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger. Equipped with a programmable display and easy access for maintenance and installation. The FTV Series is available in both space-heating only and combi versions. The combi version is equipped with a primary loop pump for easy installation.

Features at a glance:

  • Down-fired vertical fire tube stainless steel heat exchanger,
  • Available in both space-heating and combi versions,
  • Highly efficient with an AFUE of 95%,
  • Outdoor reset sensor included,
  • Universal test connections with embedded test port,
  • Low loss headed included in the combi versions,
  • High energy spark ignition,
  • Cascade up to 16 FTV Series boilers,
  • Easy to program display,
  • Warranty:
    Heat Exchanger: Lifetime
    Parts: 5 Years
    Labour: 2 Years
External Link: NTI FTV Series
NTI FTV Series with open front
NTI FTV Boiler Inside View
Model FTV110 FTV150 FTV190 FTV110C FTV150C FTV190C
Rated CSA Input (Min to Max) 11 to 110 MBH 15 to 150 MBH 19 to 190 MBH 11 to 110 MBH 15 to 150 MBH 19 to 190 MBH
DOE Heating Capacity 101 MBH 138 MBH 176 MBH 101 MBH 138 MBH 176 MBH
Net AHRI Rating 88 MBH 120 MBH 153 MBH 88 MBH 120 MBH 153 MBH
AFUE 95%
Max DHW Output N/A 613 l/h (2.7 GPM) 818 l/h (3.6 GPM) 1022 l/h (4.5 GPM)
ENERGY STAR® Qualified Unit Yes
Fuel Natural Gas, Liquid Propane Gas

NTI Tx Series Boilers

The NTI Tx Series boilers are available in space-heating and combi versions. The Tx Series are fully condensing and include a highly efficient stainless steel heat exchanger. With a built-in low-loss header and internal primary loop pump, installation and maintenance will be a breeze. Efficiencies of up to 95% AFUE and dependability you have come to trust from NTI.

Features at a glance:

  • Ferritic stainless steel heat exchanger,
  • Turn-down ratio of up to 8:1,
  • Condensate pump receptacle,
  • Available in both space-heating and combi-versions,
  • Pre-wired for use with an indirect water heater,
  • Advanced integrated control,
  • Hinged front panel for easy service and maintenance,
  • Warranty:
    Heat Exchanger: 5 Years
    Parts: 5 Years
    Labour: 2 Years

External Link: NTI Tx Series Boilers

NTI Tx Series Boilers with open front
NTI Tx Boiler Inside View
Model TX51 TX81 TX101 TX151 TX200 TX151C TX200C
Rated CSA Input (Min to Max) 7.1 to 57 MBH 10.3 to 82 MBH 12.6 to 101 MBH 18.9 to 151 MBH 24.9 to 199 MBH 18.9 to 151 MBH 24.9 to 199 MBH
DOE Heating Capacity 52 MBH 75 MBH 92 MBH 139 MBH 184 MBH 74 MBH 111 MBH
Net AHRI Rating 45 MBH 65 MBH 80 MBH 120 MBH 160 MBH 64 MBH 96 MBH
AFUE 94% 95%
Max DHW Output N/A 795 l/h (3.5 GPM) 1045 l/h (4.6 GPM)
ENERGY STAR® Qualified Unit Yes
Fuel Natural Gas, Liquid Propane Gas