expert boiler services provides access to several different boiler brands and all of their available models.

boiler installation has been Toronto’s favourite boiler installation service for over 30 years. We take pride in our work and treat every customer with respect. We have experience with almost every possible situation where a boiler would be necessary. Invite us to visit your home anywhere in Toronto or the Georgian Bay area. We will do our best to educate, and inform you. Our recommendations come with a clear explanation of why one model may benefit you over another model.

Every home presents it’s own unique challenges. Let us figure out which type of system is going to help heat your home while considering important factors such as efficiency and budget. We will let you know what to expect depending on the brand or model you choose to have installed.

Although there are different brands and models, the configurations between them can make a big difference. Understanding which model works best for your home can be the difference between having a unit that provides enough heat or having to install a unit that will provide enough heat. Our expert opinion is based on our measurements and calculations paired with decades of boiler installation experience. Ensuring you get the proper boiler can save you money on repairs and maintenance. A boiler that is allowed to run in optimal conditions requires less maintenance.

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boiler maintenance services

At the end of the day, a boiler is just another appliance in your home. As with all appliances, they work all day and night, and sometimes need a little bit of caring for. We advise booking us for regularly scheduled maintenance visits. By having regular upkeep on your boilers, you can sleep soundly knowing your boiler is in good working condition. Let us worry about your boiler’s inner workings. We will make sure everything is operating as it should.

A well maintained boiler is a happy boiler. A happy boiler provides plenty of heat and costs very little to run. Our maintenance service is here to make sure your boiler is still happy, and if there is something that could cause it start seeing wear and tear, we will course correct it. We want your boiler to live for as long as possible, and to save you as much money as possible.

When your boiler is reliable that means you can count on it to heat your home when you need it to. When the weather gets cold and you turn on your heating system you want to know that it will work, and using our boiler maintenance and boiler services is the best way to ensure reliability.

boiler repair services

Machinery can slowly start to break down. Boilers are no different. As with all machinery, enough wear and tear can cause problems that require emergency service. Our repair service is here to help. We will visit your home and diagnose the issue and do our best to resolve it as quickly as possible.

The quickest way to be seen is to book an appointment with us. We have developed a system to make sure everybody gets professional service in an orderly fashion. Simply book an appointment with us through our contact form and we will get be notified of your service request. We will do our best to contact you with an estimated time of arrival.

We have experience with nearly every make and model, and can accurately assess what could be the underlying issue. We provide an honest opinion of the work that will need to be done as well as educating you on proper boiler maintenance etiquette.


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