Through The Wall Air Conditioner Canada

Through The Wall Air Conditioner

All ductless mini-split units are considered through the wall air conditioners. In some cases, we may even install the air conditioner through the ceiling. If you are looking to use a wall-mounted or floor-mounted ductless air conditioner, there is a good chance we will run the system through the wall.

The way these units operate is by connecting an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. They are ideally connected as closely as possible to minimize just how much cabling, tubing, and lineset covering involved in the installation. Though it isn’t critical to the installation, we do our best to keep the indoor unit and outdoor unit as close together as possible. This is achieved by picking a good spot to drill a hole through the wall.

Through The Wall Air Conditioner Canada

Multi zone installation

The more zones you need for installation, the more complex the entire job becomes. By having a multi-zone installation, we would have to go through the wall in several areas. We always do our best to use the same zones as many times as possible for the most efficient installation. In some cases, this is not possible. We would need to use more than one through the wall entry point.

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