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We are the experts in ductless mini-splits and we can help! Inc. provides expert technicians for home owners or businesses who purchased and installed their ductless mini-splits on their own and now require a professional to complete the installation, start-up and confirm that everything was completed correctly. work van truck

Complete Ductless Mini-Split Commissioning and Start-Up

  • $399† - For units purchased through Inc. or Ductless Depot.
  • $539† - For units purchased elsewhere.

Service available for systems from all manufacturers. Residential and commercial services provided:

  • Refrigeration piping pressure tested with nitrogen to ensure no leaks present.
  • Refrigeration piping evacuated using vacuum to eliminate all moisture.
  • Confirmation of correct amount of refrigeration and oil in the system for the installed length.
  • Service valves opened (service valves must never have been opened before this service).
  • Power supply voltages to all units checked prior to turning on the system.
  • All units, remote controllers and centralized controllers (if applicable) have the correct address settings prior to turning power to the system.
  • Clocks set on remote controllers.
  • Professional advice of the installation, including complying with local municipal/provincial codes, locations of the indoor and outdoor units, condensate drain, refrigeration line-sets, etc.
  • Confirmation of the system through all modes of operation.*
  • Service completed with professional report.
  • Manufacturers extended warranties for Mitsubishi Mr. Slim and Daikin units will be honoured.‡

IMPORTANT: This commissioning and start-up service is not equivalent to an installation. The indoor and outdoor units must be installed, all refrigeration line-sets must be connected, all electrical must be provided and connected, condensate drain must be installed. Additional fees will be charged for any additional work required.

Note: Inc. recommends owners hire a licenced professional and apply for an ESA permit during installation.

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†Prices subject to change. HST (13%) extra on all services.
*Some modes of operation may not be available.
‡Only applicable to system purchased through or Ductless Depot.

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