Ductless Cleaning Services


Performing regular cleanings on your ductless system is an important part of maintaining your unit's factory warranty. We offer professional ductless cleaning services for your home and business for all ductless air conditioners and heat pumps. We service all makes, models and years.
Why buy a new unit when your existing ductless might just need a proper cleaning?

Ductless cleaning is recommend at least once a year to maintain your units performance and indoor air quality!

Residential Cleanings

$399* - For residential A/C units (each indoor evaporator).

The following services are provided with our residential cleaning package:

  • Interior evaporator unit casing washed,
  • Interior mesh filters washed,
  • Charcoal filters reactivated (if applicable),
  • Interior evaporator coil cleaned with removal of outer casing,
  • Interior fan wheel removed and washed,
  • Interior water pan drained, washed and mould removed with antibacterial solution,
  • Exterior condenser casing washed,
  • Exterior condenser coil cleaned,
  • Drain line checked, and
  • Insulation on refrigeration lines checked.

Most cleanings take approximately two to three hours to complete and can be scheduled for any time of the day.

Commerical Cleanings

$499* - For commerical A/C units (each indoor evaporator).

We also offer our professional cleaning services for businesses with ductless systems. Offices, server rooms, telecom rooms, etc -- We can take care of it all.
All of same services are provided as with residential with the addition of after regular hours.

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