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What Unsafe Ductless Installation Looks Like (Not by Us!)

What Unsafe Ductless Installation Looks Like (Not by Us!)

We wanted to take a moment to show our viewers a photo that was taken near Jarvis and Dundas in Toronto of a ductless outdoor unit that was installed very poorly.

You don’t need to be an expert HVAC contractor to see that this is just plain bad. You could even argue how unsafe it is. Seeing this kind of work makes us wonder who is doing all of these installations?

This photo was actually featured on our Google business page. We recently took it down because we received a notification about how it’s one of our most viewed photos. Without the proper context, it might have made us look bad!

unsafe ductless

Having just anybody install a ductless unit can end up costing more than it already does. You would be lucky to find anybody who would even want to fix this. It’s important to check that your installers have proper TSSA certification and are licensed gas technicians.

Here is the original photo:

unsafe ductless

The refrigerant lines and wires should never cross the unit, and the electrical connections should definitely not be exposed. Looking at this ductless air conditioner makes our head hurt. Where do you even begin with fixing this?

What it should look like:

We want to take this time to show you what installations by ductless.ca Inc. look like:

mitsubishi outdoor unit with lineset covers

Notice how all the tubes and wiring are professionally installed. The line set is covered and gorgeously fits in with the siding of any home.

It looks like it genuinely belongs there, blending in and barely taking up any space. This is what ductless installations should look like!

proper installation

Even when you’re working with a lot of line-sets and wiring such as for multi-zone systems, there is no excuse. Just look at how seamlessly this outdoor unit integrates with side of this home. It should look like it came with the home, not like it’s about to fall off of it!