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Interactive Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim Remote Control

mitsubishi mr slim remote

2021 Update: We hope to bring you our exclusive remote control soon as we transfer it away from Adobe Flash. Stay tuned!

Exclusive to ductless.ca, we are pleased to bring you the world’s only interactive remote control for the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim M-Series ductless heat pump air conditioner! Now you can try out the user-friendly remote from Mitsubishi’s ductless units from the comfort of your chair. Another industry first only from ductless.ca Inc.

mitsubishi remote auto mode

Try The Mr Slim Remote Control

This tool is meant to show you how it feels to use your air conditioner remote. It shows you the possible modes you can use.


Instructions For Using Mini Split Remote

The term “mini split” refers to split air conditioning and heating. The system can switch between the two whenever you want. If you’re using the “auto mode”, then it will automatically do what it needs to in order to get your home to the temperature you set it to.

To start, click the big red ON/OFF button. This will slide down the plastic covering just like it would on a real remote. This reveals all the controls you can change. To make the experience as intuitive as possible, the most pertinent settings are available for you to try.

Changing the mode will cycle through Heating Mode, Cooling Mode, and Auto Mode. You can also set the temperature, adjust the fan speed, and choose the direction of the wind vane. Obviously, with a real remote and mini split unit, you will have more options to choose from(and likely the newest model of remote from Mitsubishi).

mitsubishi mr slim electric remote

These remotes are very rarely changed, so you don’t have to worry about having an outdated model for your air conditioner. The difference between newer and older remotes is very minimal. They usually have more options for more sophisticated mini split models.

These remotes come with a helpful manual that will make it easy for you to pick your ideal settings. Even though the remote has modes with quick settings, it is recommended to read the Mitsubishi Mr Slim Remote Control Manual.