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How to Deep Clean a Heat Pump

How to Deep Clean a Heat Pump

Ever wondered how deep cleaning on heat pumps is done? Well, it’s no brainer that cleaning it is a necessity. Besides, if the unit has stayed for long without being cleaned is likely to have dust, dirt, or even mold built-up in the blower wheel. With these, you might experience low quality indoor air that can have a negative health impact on your loved ones. Therefore, it’s recommended that you often clean your machine to utilize its full performance.

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to follow to have the cleanest possible results on your unit.

What’s involved in the cleaning process?

Well, the process is straightforward; however, there’re precautionary measures you need to take. Let’s dive into what the process entails.

To get started, you need to remove the front cover from the unit before you do anything else. Secondly, you need to install a custom bib on both sides. Applying cleaner ensures that the wall and floor are protected from moisture and cleansers used during the cleaning process.

1. Install the Plastic Protective Splash Bib

The Plastic Protective Splash bib enables you to use pressurized water to quickly and safely clean the system on blower wheels, coils; hence, it’s the first thing you need to install before you embark on cleaning. The protective splash keeps the spurted water away from the floors and walls. While installing the Bib, you require a bucket. The busked is necessary to collect the water for disposal, so it’s safe and sparkling all around.

2. Spray the Coil Cleaner on the Machine

Once you install the Bib, the ductless unit coil is sprayed with a cleaner. To have a better cleaning experience, allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes.

The solution applied helps remove the stubborn debris and dust that had accumulated in the unit for some time. Additionally, eliminating the gunk and debris guarantees that the unit fan can now absorb enough as it blows.

3: Spray to Remove Grime and dirt

Once the cleaner applied in #2 is allowed to sit for a few minutes, it’s then cleaned out. Besides, this is where the installed splash becomes useful. The water sprayed into the system runs into a bucket through to ensure the floor is not messed up during the cleaning process. The process, herein, should take an hour or less depending on one’s expertise.

4: Spray Back of Unit and Barrel Fan

The final process involves cleaning the back unit and the barrel fan. The barrel is where most dust and gunk reside, and you might be surprised by the amount of dust living there are removed. Therefore, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned out using pressured water.

5: Dispose of the Dirty

Once you’re through with the cleaning process, all the machine’s dismantled parts are wiped, dried out, and reassembled. After that, the unit is turned on to taste how well it’s functioning. And before the team leaves, the murky and dirty water collected is disposed of correctly, so don’t need to worry.

Do you want deep cleaning done?

You deserve to get the best performance from your system. Hence, you need to carry out regular cleaning on your unit to remove the dirt. No matter where you purchased your machine from, trust us. We have what it takes to deep clean the heat pump. All you need to talk to our experts, and they will do everything possible to ensure that you get the best service. Call us today.