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How Often Should a Heat Pump be Serviced?

How Often Should a Heat Pump be Serviced?

For homeowners, a heat pump is one of the essential equipment they own. Therefore, having a proper servicing and maintenance of the heat pump is necessary for energy savings, durability, and minimizing repairs. Heat pumps run throughout the year, where they provide efficient heating in the winter and air conditioning during warm weather.

For proper operation of your heat pump, it is recommended that you schedule service and maintenance at least once a year. Annual heat pump service guarantees your energy savings, durability, and cost savings. Additionally, when your heat pump is serviced regularly, problems will be identified much earlier and corrected.

How Do You Maintain a Heat Pump?

For proper maintenance of your heat pump, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Before you call a technician, it is essential that you clean or changes the filter at least once a month. With time, the filters, coils, and fans accumulate dust, which reduces airflow into the heating system. This can reduce the performance of your heat pump.

Moreover, you should clean the outdoor coils occasionally and turn off the fan and clean it to remove dust particles.

Once a year, hire a technician to service your heat pump. The technician helps with:

  • Inspecting ducts, filters, and indoor coil for dirt.
  • Seal duct leakage (for ducted systems)
  • Measure and verify if there is adequate airflow into the system.
  • Check for refrigerant leaks and measure if there is a correct refrigerant charge.
  • Inspect electric terminals. Clean and tighten the connections.
  • Lubricate motors and ensure the belts are tight and in good condition.
  • Verify the correct electric control.
  • Verify the correct thermostat operation.

Do Heat Pumps Need Servicing?

Like other heating and cooling systems, heat pumps need routine servicing for efficiency performance. There is a great difference between the energy consumption of a properly maintained heat pump and a neglected system of about 10% to 25%.

Additionally, servicing your heat pump prevents the degrading of components such as the compressor. With this, your compressor lasts for a long, and you save on repair costs, which can be expensive.

How Much Does it Cost to Service a Heat Pump?

The costs of heat pump maintenance vary depending on the service provider you choose. Other factors that determine the cost are your location, the complexity of your system, and how much maintenance your system needs.

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of heat pump service is $170-$190. The technician first inspects your heat pump and advises you on the services needed and if some parts need repairs. This is cost-effective compared to the cost of heat pump repair that ranges from $347. When choosing a technician, you should compare their costs and select the one within your budget.

Service through ductless.ca Inc. generally costs around $150 for a standard ductless system.

How Often Should a Heat Pump be Serviced?

It is recommended that you schedule your heat pump maintenance with a professional technician at least once a year. However, if your heat pump is the primary heating and cooling system in your home instead of a complementary system, you should service it twice a year. The best time for maintenance is during the fall or spring.

Can I Clean the Filters, Coils, and Fans Myself?

To keep the heat pump system in good condition, there are some things you can do at home. You can clean the filter, coils, and fans. However, you should be very careful since you will be dealing with high voltage electricity and chemicals from the refrigerant. If you are not familiar with the work, ensure you contact an HVAC professional. Refer to your owners manual on how you can clean and change filters.

What Are Some DIY Maintenance Tips?

As mentioned earlier, you can maintain your heat pump yourself. Here are some DIY maintenance tips.

  • Clean or replace filters once a month.
  • Turn off the fans and remove accumulated dust and debris.
  • Clean the outdoor coil regularly.
  • Clear the area around the heat pump.
  • Keep the vents open for airflow.
  • Find an HVAC expert for yearly heat pump maintenance.

HVAC Professional Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist

To ensure your heat pump works effectively, you should find a professional HVAC expert that will help with the following services:

  • Check the ducts, blower, and indoor coils for damages and dirt.
  • Clean the indoor coil
  • Clean the drain line
  • Check for leakages in the ducts and seal
  • Measure and correct system discharge pressure.
  • Measure and correct refrigerant charge and leakages.
  • Inspect electrical connections for wear and ensure they are tight.
  • Determine electrical controls are functional.