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Heating Your Cottage During Winter

Heating Your Cottage During Winter

Does your cottage get cold in the winter?

You drive up to your cottage and it’s frozen over. To make the temperature bearable, you need to build and stoke a fire or crank up the electric heaters.

What if we told you there is a much simpler solution?

What if we told you the temperature in your cottage will be comfortable within an hour of arriving. During that entire hour, the temperature gets more and more comfortable.

To have a cottage that stays warm during winter requires quite a bit of preparation. Winterizing comes in many forms. One of the most common winterizations is insulation.

electric heating for cottages

You need to have pipes that don’t freeze and walls that prevent heating leaks. Insulation isn’t always on the top of everybody’s list. In some cases, it’s all about adding more heat than you’re losing.

If your case is the latter, than you already understand how much effort goes into beating the cold. Whether you’re using electric baseboard heaters, electric space heaters, or a wood-burning stove. You’re either stoking the fire constantly or paying big time on your hydro bill.

For those of you who have already winterized their cottage: what are you doing to heat it? If your answer is ductless heat pumps, then you’re way ahead of the game. Insulation paired with a ductless heat pump is the ideal situation for using your cottage year-round.

Even if you haven’t winterized your cottage, the high heat output of a heat pump can beat the cold with a few button presses of your remote. We love installing Mitsubishi Electrics Hyper Heat models for this reason specifically. They can operate even in the coldest months.